Shannon Houlihan

Steve and Paul
"HIT Cycling is the very best place to train indoors on a bike. Steve and Paul go above and beyond for each and every rider, and even the most challenging workouts are fun because of the collective energy of the group! "

Michael Hernandez

Paul, Steve and Coach Jen
"As a newcomer, I was apprehensive about what to expect. Could I handle the class? Well, with a great coach in Steve Hall and the support of everyone in the class, the answer was a resounding yes. Not only have I seen measurable improvement in power and endurance but my confidence has soared as a result of HIT Cycling. Gone are the days when I dreaded to attend class. Now, I can’t wait to train beside some of the best athletes and best people in town. If you want to get better, train with the best. You won’t regret it."


"HIT Cycling classes provide triathletes and cyclists the best opportunity to take their cycling to the next level. Each session provides opportunities for competitive athletes to increase their functional threshold power (FTP) and build endurance in high intensity classes. All of the classes are catered to the individual athlete based on their current or estimated FTP. You can count on Coach Steve Hall to encourage you to reach the next level in training. The group atmosphere is extremely motivating and supportive. You are guaranteed a great workout, no matter your ability, when you come to HIT Cycling. "

Carol Ann Hood

Paul and Steve
"HIT Cycling is one of the best places to train in Charlotte! Each one of us is there to get stronger and you will see results! Steve is a top notch and pushes you to achieve your goals. I love the upbeat atmosphere and camaraderie!"

Karen Wood

"HIT Cycling is by far the best indoor cycling coaching experience around. The workouts are expertly crafted to build strength in each individual at his or her own level. The atmosphere is both encouraging and supportive and there's great energy in the room coming from the coaches and the other participants.
Steve Hall is an excellent coach and his knowledge exceeds that of any other coach I know. I've gotten measurably stronger as a cyclist as a result of my training at HIT Cycling, I wouldn't want to train anywhere else. "